Black Feather Slippers



Introducing our Crepe Slippers with Feather Trim: Where Comfort Meets Glamour.

Step into luxurious relaxation with our Crepe Slippers adorned with exquisite feather trim. Crafted from high-quality crepe material, these slippers offer both comfort and style for your feet. The soft and plush crepe fabric gently cushions your feet, while the elegant feather trim adds a touch of glamour to your loungewear ensemble. Designed for convenience and versatility, each pair is crafted to fit three sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you're unwinding at home or pampering yourself at a spa, these slippers will elevate your comfort and style to new heights.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious crepe material for softness and comfort
  • Exquisite feather trim adds a touch of glamour
  • One pair fits three sizes for versatility and convenience


  • Material: Crepe
  • Embellishment: Feather trim

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and glamour with Maison Riché's Crepe Slippers with Feather Trim. Order now and treat your feet to luxurious relaxation.